Coming Home Can Be the Most Challenging Part

But, with the right tools RMs gain the ability to stop questioning themselves, start creating confidence and successfully navigate their next step. Click below to receive 5 Tips you can immediately implement to help yourself or someone you love in their transition home.

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Preparing for, serving and coming home from an LDS Mission can present countless changes and transitions. No matter which stage you are in, I’ve seen these changes put missionaries at the mercy of their emotions and questioning their abilities. But, with the right strategies, young adults learn to confidently navigate the entire experience of the LDS full-time mission.  From the moment you submit your papers to years after you are home, I empower missionaries to overcome worry and anxiety, create epic, unwavering confidence and never question their purpose again. 

I help missionaries in all stages.

Serving a full-time mission can present a unique set of challenges, but those challenges don’t need to leave you stressed, overwhelmed and questioning whether you are good enough. Pre, Current and Return Missionaries (no matter how long they’ve been home), can learn to drop perfectionism and self-criticism, stop being at the mercy of their lives and their emotions, create confidence from the inside-out and step powerfully into their potential.

Just starting your papers? Feeling a little anxious and overwhelmed? Not sure how to become the missionary you know you want to be? I’ve got you.

Starting to question your worth and compare yourself to other missionaries? Have a really difficult companion? No problem.

Return Missionaries

Coming home from your mission made you a different person, now what? I can help.


Young Adults Prepare for Mission

25. Mental Mission Prep

The young adults choosing to serve missions have never been more spiritually prepared, but mental preparedness is more important than ever.   In this episode you’ll learn:•All about why I

LDS Mission fueled with Abundance

24. Abundance Mindset

Gratitude is an incredible feeling to feel.  Listen in to learn how to access the emotion that is one step up from gratitude:  abundance.   In this episode you will

LDS Missionary Gets Ready

23. Am I a Bad Missionary?

More and more I am hearing people say that they think that they are a bad missionary.  And you can substitute any word for the word missionary.  Maybe you think

I created this Free Course Just for Return Missionaries.

Just returned home from your mission? Feeling like you’ve lost your purpose? After working with hundreds of clients I have consolidated the most useful tools into a helpful video course. The course: 3 Tools to Help RMs in Their Transition Home will definitely get you started off on the right foot.

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