1. Facts vs. Thoughts

Join me on the podcast today where I talk all about how lost I felt after my oldest son left on his mission.  It was around this time when my coaching journey began.  It all started with a sentence that my husband said to me.  Soon after, I learned the concept of Facts vs. Thoughts.  When I learned it, my entire life changed in an instant.  Take a listen to find out how.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How separating the facts in your life from the thoughts you have about them, has the ability to change your entire perception of your mission and your life.
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Hey! I'm Jennie - The LDS Mission Coach.

Preparing for, serving and coming home from an LDS Mission can present countless changes and transitions. I’ve seen these changes put missionaries at the mercy of their emotions and questioning their abilities. With the tools I teach, young adults empower themselves to navigate every moment of the mission experience with epic, unwavering confidence.

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