A Must Read For Every Missionary Momma

To Every Missionary Momma – 

A couple of days ago I was reading a facebook post that absolutely caught my attention.

One of the lovely missionary mommas was talking about

Her son who is serving a mission right now.

Her post went a little something like this:

“It’s hard to see him hurting so much and I can’t fix it.”

Listen Up Mommas!

I know that it is difficult for your kids to be far away from you.

I get it.

My second missionary son is leaving for his reassignment in five days.

But, when you are hurting about your missionary’s hurting,

You are causing yourself so much unnecessary suffering.

Our brains kind of believe that it is useful to be…

  • Stressed about their stress
  • Worried about their worry
  • Hurt about their hurting.

But, these emotions are not useful at all.

When WE feel stressed and worried and hurt, it almost always prevents us from showing up as the kind of missionary momma we want to be!

What would it be like if you believed:

  • Maybe my son is supposed to hurt sometimes.
  • My son is having the EXACT experience he is supposed to have.
  • Maybe there is nothing I need to fix.
Maybe There is Nothing to Fix


You might kind of believe that because your missionary is further away… 

That their problems are so much harder to fix.

But, what if it was never your job to “fix” anything in the first place?

What if there really is nothing to “fix”?

What if your job is to feel fierce love, and make space for their growth?

If you want to empower yourself to show up as the best missionary momma you can be… 

Start by accepting that…

Your missionary’s growth sometimes requires THIER hurting.

But, it REALLY DOESN’T have to require yours. ❤️

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