Holding Back Emotions is Like Holding Back a Dam

Holding Back Emotions Will Make You Burst

Most of us become accustomed to holding back our emotions. We get really good at hiding them, avoiding them, or just pushing them away completely. But, this isn’t such a great idea. In this article, I’ll tell you why. When the Teton Dam Broke I was born in 1976… the year that the Teton Dam

Beautiful and Meaningful

Beautiful and Meaningful Moments in an Airport

Beautiful and meaningful moments can occur almost anytime. But, sometimes they occur in the places we least expect them. Often we think of beautiful and meaningful moments as the times when things are going our way, the “happy” parts of our lives. Or in other words, the times in our lives where we get to

Young Adult Creates Connection Despite Distance

Create Amazing Connections Despite Distance

One thing I keep hearing a lot of people talk about is their ability to feel connection right now, especially with everything that is going on with the pandemic. But, you can create amazing connections, despite the distance or the frequency for which you get to be together with your loved ones.  When It Clicked

Other People Don't Need to Understand

Other People Don’t Need to Get It

Other people may want to understand. They may even have opinions about the things going on in your world and the things going on in their world.  But, whether it be about you how you are handling your life your mission whether you deferred our went straight back out your transition home your college experience

Missionary Momma

A Must Read For Every Missionary Momma

To Every Missionary Momma –  A couple of days ago I was reading a facebook post that absolutely caught my attention. One of the lovely missionary mommas was talking about Her son who is serving a mission right now. Her post went a little something like this: “It’s hard to see him hurting so much

How to Dissolve Limiting Beliefs Like Sandcastles

How to Dissolve Limiting Beliefs

Many of us have limiting beliefs. When we realize we have them, we want to change them quickly. Almost always, the last thing my clients say to me at the end of a coaching session is:  “Ok.  Now tell me what to think instead, so I don’t have to feel this way.” Rather than jumping

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