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Not Wanting

Why “Not Wanting” is Not Useful

What I see happening in our world right now is a WHOLE BUNCH of NOT wanting. We don’t want to wear a mask.   We don’t want to be away

Want What You Already Are

Want What You Are to Access Abundance

With Thanksgiving coming up, I’ve done a lot of thinking about gratitude and abundance. It’s in the place of abundance that I always feel the most peace and love. So,

A Return Missionary Plays with Worry

It’s Okay to Play with Worry

Many of experience the emotion of worry. And though it doesn’t feel great, it doesn’t have to be a problem. I kind of like to play with my worry. The

Future Version of You

The Future Version of You Now

Do ever see a little glimpse of yourself that you know is just bursting to come out?  Sometimes I can picture her.  That Jennie that is confident and calm.  That

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