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Winning Emotional Tug-of-War

We are Winning

Many of us want to feel like we are winning at managing our emotions, but often, we are all over the place. It’s been interesting to observe myself over the

Worth is Not Math

Worth is Not Math

Sometimes we look at our worth as a complicated math equation. We have a few good thoughts about ourself or other people and our worth goes up. But then, we

All or Nothing Thinking

All or Nothing Thinking

Our brains like All or Nothing Thinking.  Our brains find this this way of thinking pretty useful. It is a way to put situations, people or ourselves into categories. Some

Middle Mindset

Middle Mindset

Whether you are the middle child, or you are sitting in the middle seat on an airplane, being in the middle gets a bad rap.  But, in this post I’m

“There’s No Place Like Home”

One of my favorite movies/stories is The Wizard of Oz.  Remember when Dorothy gets what she always wished for…and is whisked away from home to an exotic place, where life

Celebrate Freedom

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is knowing that I decide my destiny. Freedom is understanding that who I want to be, is entirely up to me. Freedom is: Believing whatever we want to believe.

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