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Greener Grass

With everything that is going on with the pandemic, I have noticed quite an interesting phenomenon in myself and in many of the people around me. He wanted to stay

Being Human

This week I’ve coached a whole bunch of people who are adding unnecessary suffering to an already difficult situation.  None of us expected that missions would be ending early, that

Fear and Worry

Fear and Worry are emotions that I have been spending quite a bit of time thinking about lately.  These emotions have the potential to wreak havoc on our emotional well


Do you have a big decision you are trying to figure out? Maybe you are trying to decide on a Major. Are you trying to decide what to do for

Make Space

Sometimes life just stinks. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes people we love disappoint us. Sometimes we disappoint ourselves. Sometimes someone’s best effort is pretty terrible. Sometimes my best effort is

“I Don’t Know” is a Lie

Do you ever feel stuck?  Not knowing what to do next? Well, you are not alone. I coach many young adults, just like you, who are confused. Quite often, in

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