Create Amazing Connections Despite Distance

One thing I keep hearing a lot of people talk about is their ability to feel connection right now, especially with everything that is going on with the pandemic. But, you can create amazing connections, despite the distance or the frequency for which you get to be together with your loved ones. 

When It Clicked for Me

I remember the moment when this really clicked for me…

The moment I realized that I can feel the same level of connection to my missionary son, half-way around the world, that I can feel with him living under my same roof.  I just have to choose the feeling intentionally.

And the same was true for him.

What Most of the World Believes

Most of the world believes that we create amazing connections by the things that people do for us, or the things that we do for other people. I used to obsess about sending my first missionary son packages. I wanted to make sure he could feel connected to home. But, now I understand differently. I have the opportunity to feel connected to whomever I choose, whenever I choose.

What I Know Now

Connection is an amazing feeling we create and get to enjoy, when we think things like:

  • I can carry “home” with me wherever I go.
  • Distance can’t diminish the love I feel.
  • They’ve always have my back.
  • They just get me.
  • They totally understand what I am going through.
  • I will always intertwine my heart with theirs.
  • I just love them and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Recently, someone reminded me of that old saying: Connection is spelled, “T-I-M-E.” But, what I know to be true is this: Connection is ACTUALLY spelled… “M-I-N-D.”

Our relationship and connection with anyone only happens in our minds. And that feeling of connection is created by our thinking.

So, if we want to, 

You can create the feeling of connection with anyone you choose.  Even with the people that your brains tell you are just “a little hard to connect to.”

We can feel connection to our son, our daughter, our mom, our dad, an old mission companion, or even to a loved one who has passed away.

Amazing connection is always available to us…

Regardless of space, time, number of visits, packages, messages, face times, texts, calls or letters.

Because connection is an emotion you feel,

It’s not something you do.

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