You Aren’t a Bad Missionary

Most missionaries don’t see OTHER people as bad. They know they are children of God, doing the best that they can.

You Aren’t a Bad Missionary

Most missionaries don’t see OTHER people as bad. They know they are children of God, doing the best that they can.

But, the pressures of the mission seem to have a way of causing perfectionistic tendencies that do not leave room for missionaries to offer that same love and compassion to themselves.

Serving a mission is tough business. It requires heart wrenching, soul-stretching growth. And we want that growth to work in our favor, instead of against us.

The only way to allow that growth to work for our good is to find a way to generate more love, acceptance and compassion for ourselves even when things are extremely challenging.

Missionaries must be able to assure themselves that nothing is wrong, even when things seem like they are going wrong. They must understand that they are doing a good job, even when we don’t see the fruits of their labors.

They need to understand that there is no such thing as a Bad Missionary and that there are just humans, doing the best they can sharing the gospel.

And what’s true is our best is: sometimes it doesn’t look the way we think it should…

And it’s totally fine. I’m here to help.

That’s why I’ve created this resource page for you and for your missionary.

My Weekly Email

The Tuesday Tidbit

You and your missionary can get helpful tips, tools, strategies and inspiration straight to your inbox. I create this every single week and send it out to hundreds of missionaries, returned missionaries and missionary mommas. The family isn’t the only one thinking about the missionaries. I do, too. Every. Single. Day.

Stories and Posts for Missionaries

Does your missionary have something they are struggling with?

If they have an Instagram or Facebook account they connect with me on social media. Every week I speak to the difficulties currently serving missionaries are having right now. Missionaries send me questions, and I provide help and direction.

My Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

Maybe the pressures of the mission are starting to make your missionary feel lonely, homesick, inadequate, anxious or overwhelmed.

Your missionary may even start to believe that they are a bad missionary and that there is something wrong with them.

My podcast, The LDS Mission Podcast can be accessed right on Google Drive! Hundreds of missionaries are listening and getting more in depth tools to help them succeed and create the exact mission experience they want.

It’s Not Too Late

My goal is that every missionary feels like they have the mental and emotional support they need, for when times get tough.

Hopefully your missionary got the mental and emotional preparedness they needed, before they left…

But if your missionary is becoming self-critical, engaging in comparison, believing their self-worth comes from mission accomplishments or even shutting down… it’s not too late.

You can send my Mental Mission Prep Course to your missionary today.

No matter how long your missionary has been serving, Mental Mission Prep can change the entire course of your mission in only one lesson.

The entire course is available in Google Drive format, so you can share the videos directly with your missionary.

Have you tried everything?

It’s hard to be the parent, the counselor and the life coach. So, let’s you and I hop on a Free Call and we can chat through how you can best show up for your missionary.

Believe it or not, nothing is really wrong here.

Your son or daughter is on their own journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Sometimes that road has a few bumps in it and sometimes doesn’t turn out the way we planned.

It can be hard to be on an emotional roller coaster with your missionary.
But, it is totally possible to show up as the kind of parents we want to be AND for your missionary to thrive, regardless of what is happening around them.

Let’s empower you and help your missionary empower themselves.

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