Do you have a big decision you are trying to figure out?

Maybe you are trying to decide on a Major.

Are you trying to decide what to do for work this summer?

How about a mission?  Are you still on the fence about that?

Possibly it’s that girl.  You might be wondering if she’s “the one.”

Maybe you are even having a hard time deciding what to do this weekend.

Why we get paralyzed…

The reason we get paralyzed by these decisions, is because we think the decision itself will make us feel a certain way.

But, I have news for you: The decision, no matter which course of action we land on, does not have the ability to make us feel any certain way. 

To move, or not to move?

I remember this time I was watching a girl get coached.  She was trying to decide if she wanted to move to a new house, in a new neighborhood.  The girl believed that the ward where she lived was not meeting her needs, and so she wanted to make a change.

She thought, that if she just chose a new environment, that she could feel happy.  But, her house, her neighborhood, and her ward could never create happiness for her.  Only her THINKING about the house, neighborhood and ward… creates her experience.

If she stayed, she could be happy.

If she moved, she could also be happy.

All she needed to do was choose a thought like, “I’m exactly where we need to be.”

This THOUGHT is what has the ability to create her happiness.  Not her street address.

You ready?

Let’s play it out. 

If you chose to work as a physician’s assistant, you might be thinking… “I’m making a difference.”  And then, when you think that, you get to feel fulfilled.

But listen… if you chose to work on the clean-up crews of a construction company, you could also CHOOSE to think the same thing: “I’m making a difference.”  

The best news is that you can feel fulfilled with either choice.

Be careful of…

Be careful about switching out where you live, or your major, or what school you go to, or your professors, or your jobs, or which semester you are taking off… because you think the choice will make you feel something.

You actually have the ability to feel any feeling you want right NOW, with what you are choosing to think.

Be careful, too, of assuming that because a certain path isn’t panning out the way you had planned, or that something is getting really difficult… that it must have been the wrong choice.

If you choose to…. You NEVER have to believe that something was the wrong choice.


You can quit chasing.

Over the years I’ve watched people pull their kids in and out of school, move them to different schools, research other schools, put some kids in one school and other kids in another school, homeschool, private school and back again.

They seem to be chasing some perfect school that creates a certain experience.  But, what I wish I could tell them is this:  The school doesn’t create the experience.  Your thinking does.

I wonder if they would have done things differently had they known that they could feel like good parents, content, fulfilled, smart and happy… no matter where their kids were going to school. Maybe they’d have felt like they could quit chasing those emotions and start cultivating them on purpose… with their thoughts.

When it comes to decisions, it is actually soooo freeing to realize that there is no right choice.

We MAKE decisions right, by how we think about them.

You got this.  

Choose a path, intentionally decide it’s the right one, and go.

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