Emotional Adulthood

At the beginning of the week, I was irritated.

I had experienced a perfectly lovely quarantine weekend.

But on Monday, I woke up, came downstairs and very quickly got irritated.  

Job Description Change

You see on Monday, my job description changed pretty significantly.

I am now a teacher.

I mean, I’ve always been a teacher…

To my family, and my clients, and primary kids.  But, this week our school district started remote learning.

As I started sifting through emails, and powerschool grades, and seminary instructions, and polynomials and requirements from SEVENTEEN teachers,

My head started to spin.

I Started to Blame

I started to blame the coronavirus, and my kid’s current grades, and the sheer number of emails, and the, so far, 5 weeks of quarantine, and my kid’s moods for my irritation.

It kinda snuck up on me….

Emotional Childhood

But, what I realize now is that I was in Emotional Childhood.

I was blaming things outside of me for my emotional well being.

I thought, “If the kids could just be back in school, or at the VERY least handle all of this homeschooling business on their own, I wouldn’t have to feel so irritated.”

But, I was totally wrong.

The problem, 

AND the reason I was irritated…

Was because I was thinking the thought, “Homeschooling is gonna be tough.  I don’t know if I am up for it.”

Giving Away My Power

But, in thinking this…I was giving away my power.

Who/What are you blaming for the way you feel?

Who/What are you giving your emotional well being to?

  • The coronavirus? 
  • The guy that broke up with you?
  • The grade in your online English class?
  • The number of months you were able to serve your mission?
  • The number of people you baptized?
  • The companion that never complimented you?
  • The number of miles you live away from home?

Believe me, you don’t want your boyfriend, or your professor, or your roommate, or your companion, or your distance away from home, in charge of your emotions.  YOU want to be in charge of your emotions.  It’s so much better that way.

Emotional Adulthood

Stop being at the mercy of the things going on around you and step into Emotional Adulthood. 

You’ll know you are there when you take complete ownership of what you are thinking and feeling, the good and the bad.

You’ll know you are there when you realize that NOTHING outside of you can make you feel anything.


Take Charge of Your Emotional Well-Being

Take your power back.

I thought the school district saying, “Remote learning begins on April 13th” was the problem.

But, it wasn’t and never can be.

All problems are thought problems.

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