Greener Grass

With everything that is going on with the pandemic, I have noticed quite an interesting phenomenon in myself and in many of the people around me.

He wanted to stay in Australia…

Two days ago we got word that our son will be headed back to the states for a 14 day quarantine and then, await reassignment. Thank you, Coronavirus Pandemic. He has been serving in the Australia Melbourne Mission. He has been out just over 6 months.

When he called to tell us the news, a lot of tears were shed.  My son has been serving in the same area for all 6 months of his mission.  He has grown to love the Islanders there.  My son was heartbroken.  He is disappointed that he couldn’t stay in Australia.

But now, that there’s no telling when he might make it back to the states and he’s still in Australia (we think it’ll be sometime in the next 2 days to 2 weeks)…  he is starting to really worry that he might not be able to make it home.

But now…

I’ve seen this with my kids.  We’ve been so excited for it to be summer.  We wanted to be home, with nothing to do.  To relax, stay up late, sleep in and swim in the pool.

But now, that we’ve been mostly home for about 13 days… they really wish they could go back to school and to their activities.

I was talking to a manager of a business.  She was telling me how, so often the employees complain about wanting more time off.

But now, that they are likely going to need to shut their doors for a time… they really wish they had more hours to work.

When we wish that things were different…

Typically, when we think, “I wish things were different than they are,” it feels terrible.

And this thought comes in many forms, by the way:

  • I wish my girlfriend was different than she is.
  • I wish my mission was more productive than it was.
  • I wish my parents offered more support than they do.
  • I wish I was more fulfilled in my job than I am.
  • I just wish things were different.
Why Do We Make Ourselves Miserable?

So, why is this?  Why do we make ourselves miserable by looking at the green grass on the other side of the fence?  Why is it that we never seem to be satisfied with where we are right now? Why are we always on the lookout for greener pastures?

Well, for a couple of reasons:

1st – Our brains are hard wired to LOOK for problems. An unmanaged brain will always be disappointed where it is.  It will always be trying to tell you that something is wrong with your current circumstance.  That is it’s job.  So, no self judgement.  That’s just called being a human.

2nd – Our brains are constantly trying to SOLVE these problems. And to our brains, the easiest way to solve just about anything is to change the situation, especially when it can’t find any other solution.  It thinks… well, if I could just get out of the circumstance I’m in now, I’d be so much happier.

And so we go through this cycle over and over of getting that thing that we were wanting, and then, wishing it were different.

So, rest assured that you, always on the lookout for greener grass, is totally normal.  Our brains are simply designed this way.

But, Where Does the Green Grass Grow?

My husband and I have always loved the song, “Where the Green Grass Grows,” by Tim McGraw. In the song he sings:

"I want to live where the green grass grows.
Watch my corn pop up in rows.
Every night be tucked in close to you."

Over the last several days, that song has been in my head. I’ve discovered something, that I had never considered before. “Where the green grass grows” is not a location. It is not a place we move to, or arrive at. It is not on the other side of the fence, or the other side of the road, or in some far away pasture.

“Where the green grass grows,” is a mindset.

Mind Management

Did you know that it isn’t necessary to want to be somewhere that you are not? That it is truly possible to find the grass, right around you now, perfectly green and lovely?

Well, it is… and actually quite easy to do.

It just takes a little bit of mind management.

You can start by thinking a thought like… 

“In this exact moment, I’m exactly where I want to be.”

Enter… acceptance, contentment, abundance.

Take a deep breath.

It truly is amazing to be right where you are, in this exact moment, right?  

Just start showing your brain the reasons why.

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