Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is knowing that I decide my destiny.

Freedom is understanding that who I want to be, is entirely up to me.

Freedom is:

  • Believing whatever we want to believe.
  • Thinking whatever we want to think.
  • Feeling whatever we want to feel.

Freedom is offering that same freedom to others.

People get to believe, think, feel and even BEHAVE…

However they want to.

Even if I I don’t agree.  Even if someone’s behavior is not the behavior I want, or the behavior I agree with.

Freedom for myself means allowing that same freedom for EVERYONE.

Freedom is deciding that I’m not for everyone and that it’s okay if people don’t like me.

Freedom is allowing myself to feel and process emotion.  Not just happy emotions, but all of them.

Freedom is choosing when I want to sit with an emotion, or try to hide from it, instead.

Freedom is knowing the difference.

Freedom is hearing, loving and then, choosing for myself.

Freedom is imagination, then implementation, and then, creation.

Freedom is understanding that no one has the ability to make me happy,

Or take away my happiness.

That I am in charge of my own happiness. 

Listen, everyday my brain tries to keep me stuck, or make me feel like I’m up against a wall,

Or that I can’t be who I really want to be…

By telling me:

That I can’t, or it’s too hard, or people won’t understand what I’m doing, or that no one will like what I’m saying.

But, it’s all ok.

Because, everyday I just keep choosing to be free.

Freedom is a mindset.

It’s a belief.

And if it’s a belief, I’ve got to nurture it… always.

Let Freedom Ring.

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