Overwhelm and Your “To Do” List

If your are a Return Missionary, you may have a “To Do” list that is creating some overwhelm. How is your “To Do” list coming along? Are your thoughts around the stuff you have to get done the culprit of your stress and overwhelm?

Well, today I was reminded of something:

The quickest way to Stress, Overwhelm and Resentment is to…

Put the two words “Have To” in your To Do List.

Maybe your list has on it:

  • I have to register for classes.
  • I have to study for my finals.
  • I have to study my scriptures.
  • I have to spend time with my family.
  • I have to find someone to cover my work shift, while I go away for the weekend.
  • I have to make it to a temple session.
  • I have to be on time to my intramural game.
  • I have to go grocery shopping.
  • I have to choose a major.
  • I have to keep in touch with my mission companions.
  • I have to work at difficult part-time job.
Commitment, Clarity and Acceptance

Want to know the quickest way to Commitment, Clarity, and Acceptance?

Go down your “To Do” List and replace every “Have to”  with “Want to.”

You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

What you truly want to do will become crystal clear.

You may discover that you actually WANT to work at the difficult part time job…

…because, after all, that money you need to reach your goals…

Cannot be attained in any other way.

Just Own It

You are CHOOSING the difficult part-time job. 

So, just own it.

If you want to drop the overwhelm, it will help to truly understand that you are not at the mercy of your “To Do” List.

Quit being the victim of your life and instead, take ownership of your decisions.  

Take complete responsibility for what you are choosing.

Because, here’s the truth:

You don’t have to do any of it.

You really don’t.

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