The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

Decisions Ahead of Time

66. Decisions Ahead of Time

Today we are learning the skill of making decisions ahead of time.  Did you know that what ever you believe, your brain will go to work proving true?  It’s the

Break Free From Perfectionism To Succeed on Your LDS Mission

65. Breaking Free From Perfectionism

Perfectionism is becoming quite prevalent on the LDS mission and well into the years that follow our time as missionaries.  Today I’m sharing lots of ways to think about perfectionism

Use your amazing brain on your LDS Mission

64. Your Amazing Brain

Your amazing brain is a problem solving machine.  But, often I hear my clients say, “I’m just so in my head.”  Sometimes it can feel like our amazing brains aren’t

LDS Missionary Feels Burnout

63. Burnout

Feeling burnout can feel terrible.  Especially when we think we shouldn’t feel burned out.  But, whether you are preparing to serve your LDS Mission, are currently serving, or even if

LDS Missionaries Need Rest

62. Stop Wrestling with Rest

You need rest. So, if you’ve ever felt guilty for taking a break, or wondered if you’ve hit some kind of mental or emotional plateau this episode is for you.

When You're in a Mental Seesaw

61. When You’re in a Mental Seesaw

Ever feel like you’re on a mental seesaw?  Maybe you think you’ve made peace with something in your mind, but then it keeps coming back up.  It might be because

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