The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

118. Types of Transformation

In this episode, I discuss the different types of transformation that can be achieved through various courses and classes offered. I have received inquiries about the different ways my courses

Jennie teaches to let go of control to embrace the mission.

117. Let Go of Control

Let go of control in order to fully embrace your mission experience. Your feelings are all created by thoughts and thoughts are all things you can control. However, being worried

Jennie teaches about emotional resilience

116. A Word About Emotional Resilience

In this episode, we dive into emotional resilience and explore a different perspective on how to navigate emotions. Piggy-backing off the previous episode, we challenge the common belief that emotional

Jennie urges parents to start preparing their kids now for missions

115. When I Have Grown a Foot or Two

When I have grown a foot or two… Do you ever wonder how you can best prepare your children for a mission? How to build a level of resilience in

Jennie teaches us that opinions are also thoughts

114. Opinions Are Thoughts Too

In this podcast episode, we explore the concept of thoughts and opinions and how they influence our beliefs and actions. We will have a discussion about the different sources of

Jennie talks about the waves of emotions we have and how to let the wave fully come through us.

113. The Emotional Wave

In this podcast episode, we discuss emotional waves and how to handle them effectively. Emotional waves are when emotions like anxiety or stress rise within the body in response to

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