The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

LDS Return Missionaries Decide on a Major

47. Before You Change Your Major…

Many times, when we feel unsettled or bored or challenged, we think we need to change courses, or change paths.  And you can.  But, before you change your major, or

LDS Missionary wanting to serve a mission.

46. Do I Stay Home or Do I Go Back Out?

I recently recieved an email from a missionary who had come home earlier than she expected.  She had the option of going back out after a waiting period of twelve

LDS Missionary Struggles with Worth

45. You Can’t Change Your Worth

So many of us logically understand that we have worth, but often it is a difficult concept to wrap our brains around.  On the podcast today we dive into understanding

If you are an LDS Young Adult, you need to learn to navigate the River of Misery.

44. Stay in the River of Misery

On the podcast today, I’m sharing one of the concepts that I teach my clients.  Maybe you have a goal of serving an LDS Mission, or completing a college degree

LDS Preparing Missionary full of Worry

43. All About Worry

Ever feel completely crippled by worry?  Are you taking finals, headed out on your mission or not dating as much as you’d like and wish you could pull yourself out

Return Missionaries Use Loaded Words

42. Loaded Words

Today I want to share with you a little thing to be aware of.  On this podcast you have learned that your thoughts create your feelings about your mission and

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