The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

RM learns to trust herself.

52. Trust Yourself

Trusting yourself can often be difficult. Sometimes we feel like we just can’t seem to get something done the right way, especially when we compare ourselves to what everyone else

Amy Koch talks about LDS Mission Anxiety

51. Addressing Anxiety with Amy Koch

On the podcast we’ll be talking about the prevalence of LDS Mission anxiety. When it comes to serving an LDS Mission, or coming home from an LDS Mission… Anxiety is

LDS RM Accepting The 50/50 Rule

50. The 50/50 Rule

Today we are jumping into The 50/50 Rule… one of the most fundamental rules that I teach my clients.  When you understand the 50/50 Rule you will introduce so much

RM Stacks Emotions

48. Stacking Emotions

Have you ever felt like you are swimming in emotions that you really can’t find your way out of?  Whether you are preparing for an LDS Mission, serving right now,

LDS Return Missionaries Decide on a Major

47. Before You Change Your Major…

Many times, when we feel unsettled or bored or challenged, we think we need to change courses, or change paths.  And you can.  But, before you change your major, or

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