The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

LDS Missionaries Let God Prevail

29. Let God Prevail

While much of the world is excited and feeling motivated about the new year, I often end up feeling a little melancholy and stuck. Maybe you are feeling this way,

Missionary Leading with Love

27. Leading with Love

Have you been asked to serve in a leadership position on the mission, at work, or in your ward?   Maybe you’ve been asked to be: •a senior companion•a sister

LDS Missionary Feels Homesick

26. Homesickness

During the Holidays, and really any other time during the year, we can often find ourselves feeling a little homesick.   In this episode you will learn:  •What homesickness is•Some

Young Adults Prepare for Mission

25. Mental Mission Prep

The young adults choosing to serve missions have never been more spiritually prepared, but mental preparedness is more important than ever.   In this episode you’ll learn:•All about why I

LDS Mission fueled with Abundance

24. Abundance Mindset

Gratitude is an incredible feeling to feel.  Listen in to learn how to access the emotion that is one step up from gratitude:  abundance.   In this episode you will

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