The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

Missionary Picks Up Baggage

40. Other People’s Baggage

Sometimes other people will have opinions about you and the way that you are showing up on your mission, or in your life.  But, before you make other people’s opinion

Returned Missionaries Figure Out What They Want

39. What You Want Matters

Other people will have a lot of ideas about what they want for you.  But, what is far more important is figuring out what YOU truly want. In this episode

Return Missionary Ready to Run Race

38. Are You Prepared?

No matter what step is next for you, going away to college, serving a mission, coming home from a mission, getting engaged, or starting a new job… you might be

LDS Missionary

37. Thought Work

Once you learn that your thoughts create your feelings, you might be tempted to get into a little bit of “thought swapping.”  But, thought swapping isn’t the most effective way

Return Missionary Struggling

35. When Your Brain Freaks Out

Sometimes when we set out to do something big and intimidating we feel very confident in ourselves and our abiltiy to be successful.  Maybe it’s a mission, a new major,

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