The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

79. Comfort and Joy

Feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and worry play a big part in our lives. During those times, we forget that we can feel comfort, joy, and peace amidst those troublesome moments. 

LDS Returned Missionary uses the best coping strategies.

78. The Best Coping Strategies

One of the things I hear quite often is that missionaries are struggling more now, because they don’t have the same coping strategies that they had before their missions.  Although,

77. People Pleasing

If you live for people’s acceptance, you will lose YOURSELF from their rejection. It’s time to stop worrying about what others will think and start being authentic to yourself. Let’s

76. Why We Procrastinate

Tired of putting things off? Procrastination tends to get the best of us. The reason that you’ve been procrastinating is because it’s easier to avoid the emotion in the moment.

75. Fostering Fulfillment

Do you ever feel that your mind feels like a ping-pong match? One moment it jumps from worrying about your date on Saturday and the next it’s overthinking how you

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