The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

95. Make Room for Magic

Do you feel like your mind is constantly coming up with the worst possible outcomes? Lucky for you, you aren’t alone. What if you started to feed your brain thoughts

94. Do vs. Be: Easter Edition

“I need to work on ___ ” may not be the way to becoming perfected in Christ. What if it all started with just trusting Him enough that He will

93. About My Values

What you do or don’t do isn’t as important as who you are. As a missionary, it is easy to base your values on expectations from many different sources. However,

92. For the Missionary Moms

Has it felt like an emotional rollercoaster ever since your missionary left? I was there too when my first son left on his mission. Months went by and I felt

91. Is it Luck or Something Else?

I’ll be lucky if I get that companion…Categorizing the things that happen to us as good or bad, lucky or unlucky, blessed or cursed, sometimes can shut out the idea

90. The Best Reason

Sometimes we do things because we think we should. Sometimes we do things because we’re trying to be obedient missionaries. Sometimes we do things because people have told us that

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