The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

Return Missionary Feeling Emotions

32. Mirroring Emotions

Do you ever feel like you keep getting sucked into other people’s drama?  Maybe your mission companion or your roommate kind of seem overwhelmed or anxious, but you always find

Return Missionary is Productive

30. Rethinking Productivity

I have been seeing a pattern with a lot of my preparing, currently serving and returned missionaries.  They keep wondering if they are productive enough.  Sometimes they even judge themselves

LDS Missionaries Let God Prevail

29. Let God Prevail

While much of the world is excited and feeling motivated about the new year, I often end up feeling a little melancholy and stuck. Maybe you are feeling this way,

Missionary Leading with Love

27. Leading with Love

Have you been asked to serve in a leadership position on the mission, at work, or in your ward?   Maybe you’ve been asked to be: •a senior companion•a sister

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