The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

Young Adults Prepare for Mission

25. Mental Mission Prep

The young adults choosing to serve missions have never been more spiritually prepared, but mental preparedness is more important than ever.   In this episode you’ll learn:•All about why I

LDS Mission fueled with Abundance

24. Abundance Mindset

Gratitude is an incredible feeling to feel.  Listen in to learn how to access the emotion that is one step up from gratitude:  abundance.   In this episode you will

LDS Missionary Gets Ready

23. Am I a Bad Missionary?

More and more I am hearing people say that they think that they are a bad missionary.  And you can substitute any word for the word missionary.  Maybe you think

Missionary Feels Lonely

22. When Loneliness Comes Knocking

One thing I’ve been hearing a lot from clients, missionaries and even my own children is that they are feeling lonely.  Loneliness isn’t the most fun feeling to feel, but

Missionary Feels Like a Failure

21. What to Do When You Fail

Failure is part of being on a mission and part of life.  Often it is challenging to know how to use our failures to our advantage, rather than allowing them

Feel the Fear

20. Why Your Fear is Totally Fine

Episode 20 – Why Your Fear is Totally Fine Sometimes we give fear a bad reputation.  But, being willing to feel fear is a necessary skill to get out of

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