The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast


19. Stop Using Tools as Weapons

Each day we have many tools that help us. Tools can be very useful, until we use them in ways that harm us or tear us down. Some tools we’ll


18. Joy

Ever feel like you are not as happy as you “should” be?   In this episode you will learn: What joy actually is Why the way you are feeling is

Missionary Prepares for Future

17. Future You

Do you have an idea about what you want you or your mission, relationships or life to look like in the future, but just can’t seem to figure out how

The Truth About Your Purpose

The phrase that most of us hear most often from Return Missionaries is, “I feel like I’ve lost my purpose.”  I’ve made it my mission to make sure no RM

How to Get Things Done

15. How to Get Things Done

Do you have a hard time making yourself do things?…  Like spend more time Facebook Finding, studying for that exam, or asking that girl out?  Maybe you just have a

Dealing with Difficult People

14. Dealing with Difficult People

Do you have people in your life that you feel like are really difficult to be around?  Maybe you are dealing with a difficult co-worker, companion, close friend or relative.

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