The LDS Mission Podcast

The LDS Mission Podcast

Return Missionary Struggling

35. When Your Brain Freaks Out

Sometimes when we set out to do something big and intimidating we feel very confident in ourselves and our abiltiy to be successful.  Maybe it’s a mission, a new major,

RMs Learn to Love Themselves

34. Lovability

As humans, sometimes we like to ask ourselves the question:  “Does anyone love me?”  Often we look to outside sources to help ourselves feel validated and loved.  But, we can

Return Missionary Observes Herself and Loves Herself

33. Observe and Love

Typically, when we find ourselves in a low spot, we judge ourselves and think we shouldn’t be where we are.  But, what is so much more useful is developing the

Return Missionary Feeling Emotions

32. Mirroring Emotions

Do you ever feel like you keep getting sucked into other people’s drama?  Maybe your mission companion or your roommate kind of seem overwhelmed or anxious, but you always find

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