The Future Version of You Now

Do ever see a little glimpse of yourself that you know is just bursting to come out?  Sometimes I can picture her.  That Jennie that is confident and calm.  That Jennie that is certain of her future and ready embrace what life has to offer her. But, the key to getting where we want to be, is living into the future version of you now.

Questions You Should Be Asking

What do you have pictured for you?  For your future?  How will you be thinking?  What will you be feeling?  What does that future version of you do in their everyday life?  What do they write about in their journal?  What would that future you tell you?  What advice would they give?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

Past Proof

Our brains like to look to the past for proof of what we might be able to accomplish in the future.  But, this doesn’t really make a lot of sense.  What we do in the future is something that has never been created before.  That version of you has never existed.

You are Valuable, Worthy and Whole Right Now

Now, don’t get me wrong.  You are still you.  You will never be any more valuable, worthy or whole that you are in this exact moment.  But, sometimes it’s just kind of fun to create something new.  Sometimes it’s kind of fun to evolve ourselves to the next level.  I like to think of it as:  Jennie 2.0

So, what do we need to do?  The answer is very simple and yet not always so easy to do.  We’ve got to start living from the mindset of our future self today.  We start living and behaving in a way that is certain.  We start thinking and feeling the way our future self would… today.

A Little Bit of Magic

There’s a little bit of magic involved here.  When we start committing to that future version of ourselves… our brain starts to look for evidence of us being that person already.  Before we know it, we’ve morphed into something that we only imagined was possible.

Start living into that future version of you without delay.

Want to get into medical school? Then, think and feel and behave like a medical student does right now.

Want to be married?  Then, start thinking and feeling and behaving like that person that already has the boy/girl of their dreams.  

That person probably isn’t thinking… I gotta find the right guy (desperation). That future person is probably thinking something like:  “The process to finding the right guy was perfect, just the way it was (openness and sufficiency).

Drop the Grip the Past Has on You

When we start living into the people we want to be right now… we drop the grip that our past has on us.  We start showing up in ways that we never dreamed possible.  We create results in our lives that are beyond anything that we could have pictured for ourselves.

But, it all begins by putting a little stock into our own possibility.  What is possible for you?  Anything. You. Want.  But, don’t look to your past to create it.  Look to your future.  The you that already has all of this totally figured out.

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