“There’s No Place Like Home”

One of my favorite movies/stories is The Wizard of Oz.  Remember when Dorothy gets what she always wished for…and is whisked away from home to an exotic place, where life would be more exciting than her farm life in Kansas?

Was it more exciting than Kansas?

For sure.

Was it everything she thought it would be?

Sort of…

The Feeling of Being in Oz

Once she made it to Oz, I’m pretty sure Dorothy felt all the feelings she was hoping to feel:

Maybe Enchantment, Curiosity and Spontaneity

But, once she arrived at her desired destination she learned that there were also Lions and Tigers and Bears (oh my!)…

Not to mention, a Wicked Witch. 

Where are you hoping to be whisked away to?  And what are you hoping to feel once you arrive there?

Your brain try to tell you that, 

Once you:

  • Can serve a mission without quarantine restrictions
  • Find your dream job,
  • Finish this semester, 
  • Get married, 
  • Move out of the house
  • Graduate…

That you’ll feel more fulfilled, more excited, more stable, more motivated, more happy, more committed, more spontaneous, more ____________…

We tend to think that once we arrive at our desired destination, it’ll be Glinda and Munchkins, forever.  

But, here’s the thing I know:

Your destination has Lions, Tigers and Bears, too.

Here’s the other thing I know:

Back in Kansas

Once Dorothy uses her Ruby Slippers to take her back home…her story doesn’t end.  

Even back in Kansas, I can guarantee that she was fighting off other Lions, and Tigers and Bears…

They just looked a little different and had different names:

Maybe Bored, Lonely, and Frustrated.

Life is 50/50


Life is always 50 percent positive and 50 percent negative….even in the movies.

So, don’t be in such a rush to get to that next stage.  Work for it, but don’t be desperate.  

Enjoy and relish the journey you are on now.  The journey you are meant to have.  

Embrace ‘here’ ….where you are right this very minute…

with all the Tornadoes, Farm Chores, Gray Skies, Wicked Witches and Sleeping Poppies.

Because there truly is no ‘there’ that’s better than ‘here.’

Or, in other words, 

“There’s no place like home.”

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