What is Fueling Your Actions?

In my house, we have a two different kinds of cars.  

I have my momma mini van.  It’s one of my very favorite things, by the way.  In order to drive it, I need to keep it properly fueled. I usually fill my tank with regular unleaded gas.  There’s a lot that I can accomplish when my car is filled up.  Everything from grocery runs, to memory making road trips.

My husband drives an electric car.  His car requires a different kind of “fuel.”  Every night, he pulls the car into the garage and plugs it in.  He logs a lot of miles every day.  The fuel in his car allows him to meet with clients, run a business and occasionally meet his brothers for lunch.

Actually, I remember my Grandpa Swensen used to drive an old diesel pick-up truck.  He used another kind of fuel to accomplish what he wanted to around the farm.  I used to love when he’d invite me to hop in with him and ride down to the local gas station.  Grandpa always wanted to be prepared, so he made sure to keep the tank topped off, at all times.

Emotion Drives Action

In my coaching, I often refer to Emotion as the Fuel that drives Action.

Let’s say you are completing a group assignment at work or school.

Here are some of the Actions you might take:

  • You’ll get together with your group.  
  • You’ll plan what you want to do.  
  • You’ll figure out the obstacles and how you’ll overcome them.  
  • You’ll divide the work. 
  • You’ll do your research.  
  • You’ll get together again.  
  • You’ll present what you’ve done.  
  • You’ll converse with one another. 
  • You’ll present your finished product to your co-workers, or class.

Now, let’s imagine that you have this thought: “Group projects are just so hard. Nobody ever pulls their own weight.”  Suddenly, all of the Action that you are taking may be fueled by an emotion like Frustration or Resentment.

How would all of the above Actions look and feel different when fueled by Resentment?

Choose a Thought that Generates Useful Emotion

Now, let’s imagine that you had this thought instead:  “Group projects can be a bit tricky…but, I’m up for the challenge.  There’s nobody better than me!”

Which emotion does that thought generate?

Commitment?  Maybe Confidence?  

If you read the above actions again.  How would all of the these actions look and feel, when fueled by Commitment?

You’d likely get a TOTALLY different result.  

What Fuel is Driving You?

Right now, it is super important for you to know which type of Fuel is driving your Action.

Are you making decisions from fear? Or are you making decisions from commitment?

With all of the Government Stay at Home Orders and quarantines going on… Is the time you are spending at home with your family driven by obligation?  Or is the time you are spending at home with your family driven by love?

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the kind of “fuel” is best for you to use.  It totally just  depends on where you are trying to go and how you want to get there.

Truly, with the right Thought/Feeling combination any destination you can imagine, is within reach.

So, choose your fuel wisely.

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