When People Tell You What to Do

When you get back from your mission many people will have ideas about what you should do to make your return home successful. 

The one piece of advice I hear offered to return missionaries THE MOST is: “Make sure to stay really busy.” 

Others are:  Get a job.  Start dating as soon as possible.   Set goals.  Keep a regimented schedule. 

Most of the World Thinks Doing is the Answer

You might be surprised to know that, though your loved one’s opinion is well intentioned, the things you are DOING after your mission have very little to do with the success you will feel.

But it makes sense they think this way.  Most of the world thinks this way.

Most of the world thinks that if we…

  • Get a job, we’ll feel valuable.
  • Go on dates, we’ll feel social.
  • Set goals, we’ll feel committed.
  • Stick to a schedule, we’ll feel confident.

So, your friends and family may want to tell you what to do. They think the doing is what will make you feel better.

But, Here’s What You Need to Know:

The opposite is true. 

What we Do doesn’t cause our Feelings.
Our Feelings actually inform everything we Do.

The feeling comes first.

How we feel is like the fuel you put into a car.  It drives every single action.

When we…

  • Feel valuable, we find that job.
  • Feel social, we go on dates.
  • Feel committed, we set goals.
  • Feel confident, we stick to our schedules.
What to Do

So, when people offer you advice and try to tell you that doing this will make you happy, or doing that will make you motivated, or doing this other thing will make you feel successful…

I give you permission to smile, nod and show gratitude for their advice.

Because, you’ll already know one of the real secrets to success after a mission.

DOING those things will never be as important as how you FEEL before doing them.

Ok… got your desired emotion dialed in?

Awesome.  NOW it’s time to get busy.

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