Worth is Not Math

Sometimes we look at our worth as a complicated math equation.

We have a few good thoughts about ourself or other people and our worth goes up.

But then, we have a few negative thoughts and our worth goes down.

We sort of believe that if the number of positive emotions we experience

Is greater than,

The number of negative emotions, that somehow we are doing things the right way.

We tend to think that our goodness as a human 

Can be averaged from 

The sum total of our good and bad actions…

With some actions being weighted more heavily than others.

But, worth is not math.

It doesn’t go up or down,

Or become less than or more than.

It can’t be summed or totaled or averaged.

There is no measuring stick,

There is no protractor that measures right-ness.

There is no calculator.

Give yourself permission to quit taking tally. 

Your worth is set.

You are as complete and valuable and whole,

As the day you were born.

And nothing you think or feel or do

Can change that.

Want a math term for your worth?

Here you go:

It’s infinite.

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